lørdag, august 11, 2007

Religion of Peace?

Omslaget til Robert Spencers “Religion of Peace” Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't

Robert Spencer, kendt fra bl.a. Jihad Watch, har netop udgivet bogen Religion of Peace?, der — som man kan læse af undertitlen “Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't” — forsøger at belyse afgørende forskelle mellem islam og kristendom.

Fra bogens omslag:
Spencer reveals:
  • The fundamental differences between Islamic and Christian teachings about warfare against other religions: “Love your enemies” vs. ”Be ruthless to the unbelievers”
  • The myth of Western immorality and why the Islamic world is less moral than the West
  • Why the Islamic world has never developed the distinction between religious and secular law that is inherent in Christianity
  • Why Christinity has always embraced reason — and Islam has always rejected it
  • Why the most determined enemies of Western civilization may not be the jihadists at all, but the leftists who fear their churchgoing neighbors more than Islamic terrorists
  • Why Jews, Christians, and peoples of other faiths (or no faith) are equally at risk from militant Islam
En ambitiøs mundfuld. Jeg glæder mig til at læse hvad Spencer har at sige…

Isbn 978-1-59698-515-5

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